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I Miss Mom, Too! 

By Published On: September 13th, 2023

Since I’ve been so laser focused on Mom’s recovfurry, I furrgot to tell you Ellie started Kindergarten last week. That’s right, my kid sister is officially a big kid! School started off great, but Ellie has slowly expurressed missing Mom more so than usual and has even come off the bus crying fur Mom.

Mom and Dad think it has to do with a change in her routine since Mom was laid up, and being a big kid means more work in school, eating lunch in the cafeteria, and more commotion on the bus – all of which Ellie is certainly not used to. To help comfurrt Ellie, Mom got them matching Mother / Daughter bracelets. When Ellie feels sad during the day, all she has to do is touch her bracelet for her to know Mom is thinking of her too. Knock on wood, so far this has seemed to work.

I’m not going to lie – I’m feline-ing a little left out. Now that Mom is back to work, I miss her too, but I wasn’t given a bracelet. What the fluff Mom? What am I supposed to do? Sit home and cry all day? Wait a second; purrhaps Ellie and I can take turns wearing the bracelet. Nevfurrmind, then Ellie would be sad on the days I would have the bracelet.

Purrhaps I have the purrfect solution; let’s get matching tattoo’s Ma! It could be of the cat eye heart emoji!