It’s unimaginable that the whole country of Italy is on a COVID19 lock-down. It breaks my heart.

We’re so lucky to have lots of Italian wines available to us in our good old United States of America. One that I enjoyed recently is a fabulous organic Moscato d’Asti from Bera. When I think of Asti I think of too-sweet and under-bubbled champagne-style wines, and I was ready to scoff at this one.

Wow was I wrong!

This wine was so delicious. It wasn’t overly sweet. It was golden and honey-toned and fresh and oh-so-drinkable. The bubbles were fine and just right, the kind that put you in a good mood as soon as you sip it. My suggestion for the weekend? Serve this with an antipasto platter. Sit in a sunny spot and pretend you’re in Italy.

Cin Cin!!