The Otis Feed

I’m A Good Man

By Published On: October 25th, 2022

Hi furriends! How was your week? Well, not to brag or anything but Ellie received an excellent furrst purrogress report at school. Purroud big brother moment, fur sure! I’m also happy to report I’ve been a good man! You know how I know this fur sure; because Ellie tells me at least thirty times a day. (I’d have a more accurate count fur you but I ran out of toe beans).

Fur example – evfurry night before my seven o’clock feeding, I take my medicine fur my balding belly (that’s a story fur another time), like a champ! After Mom pins me down and successfully wrestles with me to swallow my pill, she praises me in her high-pitched cat-mom voice, “That’s a good boy Otis Joe!” Ellie immediately pipes up, “Das a good man, Otis Joe!”

Water furrom the bathroom sink is my new favfurrite. Ellie’s even learned how to turn the water on fur me at just the right speed. Once she sees me finish drinking she’s sure to tell me, “That’s a good man for drinking your water-juice, handsome pants! (“Water-juice” is what Ellie has dubbed water, btw).

Furrequently, Ellie and I like to play a little game of cat-and-mouse. To explain quickly, my role is to be the cat, Ellie is the mouse that controls the laser I have to run after. Such a fun game. She laughs hysterically at my game face, I get a good work out, Mom has a fit ovfurr the hairballs I kick up, and Dad cringes at the sound of my nails leaving purrmeate marks on the hardwood floor. I’d definitely give this game a five-star rating. Not to mention my brownie-points fur being a good man and being a team player!

I think you get my drift – at the rate I’m going I’m sure I’ll be marked as a good man on Santa Paw’s nice list this year.