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I’m Feline 22’

By Published On: January 5th, 2022

Purrhaps it’s because I’m my mother’s child, but to quote Taylor Swift, “I don’t know about you, but I’m feline 22’!”

Nothing too exciting happened while ringing in the New Year. Ellie and Dad slept right through it all. Purr usual, Mom and I snuggled and watched the ball drop together. Nothing feels more official than listening to Ryan Seacrest countdown to the stroke of midnight, unsynchronized with the actual clock on TV. There’s always next year, Ryan.

As fur my new years resolution?

I’ve pondered the thought of taking fewer catnaps during the day to insure sleeping through the night fur Mom and Dad, but that would run them the risk of falling into a deep slumber and having terrible nightmares. That would just be irresponsible of me! I thought about dieting, like most people do, but I can’t just quit cold turkey (pun intended). The thought briefly crossed my mind that purrhaps I could help Mom our around the house more. She does drive a hard bargain when she brings up the fact that I’m home all day, evfurry day. But I quickly vetoed that idea due to the sole fact I am terrified of the vacuum!

I’m out of ideas. Do you have any suggestions fur me? What are your resolutions?

Regardless, I hope we all have a happy and HEALTHY 2022!