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Instagram vs. Reality

By Published On: September 29th, 2021

Rainbows and butterflies sure are beautiful, but life isn’t purrfect. I often times find myself scratching behind my ears, not just because of an itch, but because I wonder why evfurryone feels the need to post only purrfect photos on their social media? Mom is no exception to this annoying, unwritten rule. 

I know I’m cute and all, but enough with the photos already. Mom constantly has the camera in my face, snapping multiple photos – trying to get something Instagram worthy. Fur the love of God woman, purretty please stop. Even dad agrees with me. While Mom is working the camera, he’s usually behind the scenes making the most obnoxious faces and weird dance moves trying to make everyone laugh in order fur Mom to capture the most “genuine” purrfect moment in time. 

Thank goodness fur modern technology, though. Poor Dad, all out of breath, always says, “You must of gotten that one!” meanwhile Mom is actually missing the good shots because she’s too busy scrolling through the photo bursts she just took. Thankfully, we don’t live in the olden days when you had to wait fur film to be developed. 

Now that the cats out of the bag on Mom’s secret, I wanted to purrove to her and to the world that sometimes capturing the most impurrfect photos can be just as meaningful. Take this photo of Mom and I last week fur example. She can’t stop laughing at our double chin faces and my chicken legs. This demonstrates our relationship purrfectly. 

I don’t like to be held fur long, getting in my purrsonal space to smother me with kisses, or cameras in my face.

Thank you Dad fur capturing this PURRFECT photo! 

It’s my new favfurrite of Mom and I.