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International Cat Day

By Published On: August 3rd, 2023

Happy (belated) international cat day furriends! I hope all my fellow feline furriends felt all the love as much as I did yesterday. But to be fair, evfurry day feels like internation cat day at my house. My family goes above and beyond making me truly feel like the only cat in their lives…actually I am the only cat in their lives.

Let’s start with Mom. No one pays me too much attention quite like she does. Her kisses and cat mom voice drive me crazy but I know I’m her pride and joy and would nevfurr treat any other cat in the world like she does me. Furrever her baby I’ll be.

Switching the spotlight to Dad, AKA my chosen human. Dad likes to play tough guy and purretend we aren’t buddies but trust me when I say it’s all just an act. He loves me and would fur sure be lost without me. Oh, and I’m the only so he’ll evfurr have…so there’s that.

I of course can’t leave out my kid sister. Ellie really is such a good little sister. Always willing to share her toys with me even if I have no idea how to play with them…or if I run away in fear. She  also happens to be  my biggest advocate for pawty-mix; thanks kid!

And thank you all fur tuning in weekly! If it weren’t fur you, I wouldn’t be so famous. Big big round of apawsause to you guys!