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Introducing Dr. Ellie

By Published On: June 27th, 2023

Whoop Whoop! School’s out fur summer. But if you recall, back in Septempurr, chapter fourteen started with Mom crying like a baby because her human child was starting purre-k. Fast forward to this past Furriday, and now Ellie has graduated. Mom and Dad are so purroud of how much Ellie has grown and learned ovfurr the last school year…and to be honest, I am too!

Ellie started the school year wanting to be a purrincess. I would have expected nothing less furrom her. But with all that purre-k knowledge and a pawsome end of the year report card, Ellie is now ready to be a doctor. I’ve also witnessed her purracticing really hard. Just the other day, she received a call on her purretend phone saying that there was an emergency and someone was hurt. With no hesitation, she grabbed her doctor bag, found the nearest stuffed animal, and got to work. Her telescope (a.k.a. a stethoscope) is her go-to tool. With a purretend tha-thump, tha-thump of the stethoscope, Ellie was able to locate a heartbeep (she means heartbeat) in her teddy bear’s leg. With a quick kiss on the forehead and a sticker on his chest, Teddy was as good as new.

I wonder what her career choice will be when she starts kindergarten in the fall? Does anyone care to guess? Keep reaching fur the stars kid – you’re destined to do great things!