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It’s Official

By Published On: August 11th, 2021

It’s official. My kid sister is three!

Yesterday, Mom was running around decorating, baking cupcakes, cleaning up the house fur Ellie’s cake and ice cream pawty which was held last night fur family and furriends. Since I’m a cat, I obviously can’t have cupcakes or ice cream, so mom added furresh catnip to one of my favfurrite catnip mousies – and put a pawty hat on my head. Thanks fur including me, Ma. Needless to say Ellie opened many gifts, a number of which make noise.

Oh yay!

Shout out to the purrson who gifted Ellie with an outdoor rainbow spurrinkler. That’ll get her out of my fur for a bit.

Once again, happy purrthday Ellie!

Switching gears – you’ve probably been on pins and needles wondering how my trip to the vets fur my dental cleaning went. Well lucky fur me, the vets office had to reschedule so cha-boy has a couple more weeks until the big day.


In the mean time, Mom is continuing to worry about me. I’m no longer on medication but I am literally grinding my teeth now. I try not to do it in front of mom but she’s become a helicopter as they say, monitoring my evfurry move and making sure new symptoms don’t arise.

I am currently sitting patiently by the door waiting fur the mailman. I know Mom has been Amazoning (purr usual). And my purrthday on Sunday. I’ll be the big 12. Wonder what Mom has ordered fur me?

Until next week, furriends.