If you haven’t driven along the Taconic State Parkway in awhile, I’d recommend it within the next week or so. The colors of the leaves are breathtaking!

There’s that crisp fall nip in the air. The farm stands are loaded with apples, pumpkins and mums. In the stores, there’s everything pumpkin or apple spiced you can imagine, from soap to coffee creamer.

It got me wondering about pumpkin wine.

I was delighted to find that there’s a Hudson Valley winery that offers it. Glorie Farm in Marlboro, NY, makes a wine called Rumple Pumpkin (gloriewine.com). The description reads, “A fall favorite! Seasonal, semi-dry white wine infused with pumpkin spice. Delicious with butternut squash soup and ham and scalloped potatoes. Great cocktail hour and fireplace wine.”

In other words, the perfect wine for this time of year! I also found a Wisconsin winery that makes a wine from pie pumpkins. Called simply Pumpkin Wine, it’s from Three Lakes Winery, which describes it as a “smooth, semi-sweet wine,” with qualities of a traditional Chardonnay (tlwinery.com). I think I’ll schedule a socially distanced small gathering around a fire-pit to try both of these wines. Apples and cheeses and chili on the side.