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It’s the Pawliday Season

By Published On: September 20th, 2022

Oh Em Gee! You guys – Summer is ovfurr – fur real this time. Furrsday officially marks the furrst day of Fall, which also marks the beginning of…hold your reindeer!…the pawliday season!

Furrst, I have to get my tail in gear as to what I’d like to be fur Halloween. As you know Ellie is supurr into purrincesses so I was going to be a good big brother and offurr to dress up as one. I’ve even gone as far as trying on some purrincess crowns. Ellie has already spoken fur purrincess Moana, so I’ll have to cross that off my list; bummer. Purrhaps to stick with the Moana theme I could be Maui. I happen to think I’m a dead ringer…minus the long black hair and a buff-bod covfurred in tattoos. That said, I’ve always secretly wanted to get a turkey tattoo on the inside of my back left hindleg. Right meow might be the purrfect time?! Just do me a favfurr – don’t tell Mom and Dad. I’m purretty sure they wouldn’t appurrove.

Since we are on the subject of turkeys – I can’t wait fur Thanksgiving! Aside furrom the obligatory thankfulness fur my family; I am extra thankful fur the turkey God allowing us to eat to our hearts turkey-content fur one whole day a year! I wonder if Mom and Dad will be hosting this year? I could be their turkey taste-tester – while showing off my brand-spankin’ new turkey tattoo.

Befurr you know it Santa Paws will be making his way to town. I better get my Christmas list going. I really want a new compurressed catnip ball. Mine is suppur old and falling apart. Of course I’ll ask fur pawty-mix too.

I just love the pawliday season!