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Joke’s On Me

By Published On: October 18th, 2022

Otis or Otis Joe is how I introduce myself. Howfurr at home Mom has many nicknames fur me. Otie, Otie Joe, Oat Man, Mister Man, Good Man, and her purrsonal favfurrite – Handsome Pants. I don’t mind having these names at home, but I would appurreciate these names not being repeated to family and furriends.

Here I am trying to be a nice man and spend quality time with Mom evfurry night when unbeknownst to me, she’s snapping endless pictures of me and sending them to Aunt Thorunn. Long story short…cat’s outta the bag; Aunt Thorunn knows about my nickname and took the ‘handsome pants’ thing to a whole other level.

I have purrsonally always wondered what color Mom imagined my handsome pants to be. Thanks to Aunt Thorunn’s impeccable iPhone drawing skills the mystery is solved! Blue jeans (aka pocket-pants as Ellie calls them) are a classic – I had just envisioned them more a faded wash instead of see-thru. Red is Aunt Thorunn’s favfurrite color hence the red pants. Purrsonally I don’t think red is my color? Being the designer she is, Aunt Thorunn tried her hand at giving me mittens fur my toe-beans. The radiant heat still isn’t on in the house so these are coming in handy. Get it – handy. Paw slapper!! The purrple onesie is like a build a wearable blanket – I like the concept; it’s purrobably supurr warm! The purrmaid tail is definitely out of my comfurrt zone, although I’m digging the polka dot pattern. I’m not really a huge fan of the mustache – it tickles my whiskers too much. My eyesight is purrfect so not sure there’s really a need fur glasses right meow. Maybe I’ll need them when I become an old man. The devil look is fur when Mom calls me Mister Man. That means I’m in trouble – or as Ellie points out, “that’s a bad man, Otis Joe!”. She’s such a tattle-tale!

Now that I’m completely embarrassed, what other looks should Aunt Thorunn give me?