Restaurant Review

Julien’s: Pizza (& Sushi) for the People

By Published On: September 24th, 2020

I had the mouth-watering pleasure of having Julien’s of Millbrook, NY, appear on my Instagram feed some months ago. Since then I’ve had it on my must-do-list to stop by and try their offerings. Their Instagram feed (and website images for that matter) looks deee-licious! But before we get into that, let me start by stating the obvious: pizza… and sushi? That’s just a seemingly random pairing. Isn’t it?

Well, apparently not!

Last Friday afternoon they popped up on my Instagram feed with something so delicious-looking that I said to myself, “Tonight is the night!” And so I called in a curbside pick-up order for when I was on my way home through Millbrook. Their specials are posted at 3pm every day on their website, so I made sure to try something off of the “daily specials” menu, too. I know that I went a little overboard with my order, but their Instagram feed and website just called for a large order. I also wanted to have a taste of a little bit of everything.

I’m a big fan of wood fired-style pizza, and that’s precisely the kind that they have. You can tell a lot by a restaurant’s margarita pizza, and so I ordered one of those – a small. I really liked the fact that they offer pizzas in a small, medium, and large sizes (most specialty pizza places only offer one size). So score on that one! But I didn’t stop at the margarita – oh no, no! When looking through their pizza choices, once I saw the prosciutto and fig, my mouth started watering. I love me a good prosciutto and fig. And boy am I glad that I ordered it!

Next I moved onto the sushi part of the menu. I’m not really into the raw fish thing, so my sushi palate is 99% limited to vegetable sushi. Lucky for me, they have a whole vegetable sushi section. Double score! One of my favorite veggie sushi is a sweet potato roll, but Julien’s has a tempura sweet potato roll – can we say “yum” together? I also ordered the avocado, asparagus, cucumber roll.

Next I looked at their daily specials, and yes, that means that I ordered more. But I’m so glad that I did. That day the special fried artichoke hearts called my name, as did the cheese ravioli in mushroom cream sauce.

I pulled up to Julien’s and my order was brought right to my car, and placed gently in my passenger’s side seat. The sweet and delicious aroma immediately filled my car. I literally only made it to the light on Franklin Avenue before I had to pull over and take a bite of something. I opted for a slice of the prosciutto and fig pizza, and it was evident with the first bite that we were talking about “top 5” material here! I’ve tried just about every style of pizza joint in our region, and this was in the top 5 – no question!

When I got home, we set up a little outside picnic of everything that I had picked up, and I had a taste of everything. But first off, the presentation of each dish was incredible. It was beautiful as well as so incredibly appetizing. How things taste is about 75% of the equation though, and absolutely everything tasted amazing! The look and smell reeled you in and hook-line-and-sinker with the flavor! It was a done deal.

The prosciutto and fig pizza is my new favorite; the tempura sweet potato roll was gone in the blink of an eye; and the two daily specials that I ordered were simply said: incredible. The cheese ravioli in mushroom sauce – wow! It was incredibly rich, so all you really needed was one (or two) raviolis, and so that meant that there was plenty for everyone.

Even though their moniker is “pizza and sushi,” they offer a lot more, and if the rest of their offerings are anything like this sampling that I got, I’m sure that they are fantastic. Their price point is very reasonable, their service is wonderful, and the curbside pick-up is super easy. I recommend following them on Instagram to see their latest creations and to be in the know for the next time that you place an order.

Julien’s is located at 5 Washington Ave., Millbrook, NY. You can call them at (845) 677-2222 and check them out online at or follow them on Instagram at @juliensmillbrook.