Easter is upon us, and with it the seasonal foods that celebrate the occasion. Eggs play a big part in Easter meals from start to finish – you have to do something with those colored eggs! – and typically the main course is ham or lamb. The wine-pairing juices really start to flow when thinking of these delicious foods. Something that goes beautifully with both is a nice Pinot Noir. Pinot will show itself off to your palate without smothering anything that’s on your plate, from the meats to sides like scalloped potatoes or macaroni and cheese or even asparagus. The best Pinots to pair with eclectic meals are lighter-bodied Pinots. A bottle from Burgundy in France is your very best bet, but they tend to be expensive. There are exceptional Pinots being made by wineries across New York state. If you want to grab something at the store that takes the guesswork out of your decision, go for The Pinot Project. It’s a no-nonsense, affordable wine that delivers the bright cherry, somewhat spicy notes that distinguish a Pinot. Wine Enthusiast rated it 91 points, and it’s a Top 100-rated wine. If you want to go with a white wine, Sauvignon Blanc will cover all the bases. Stay with California as there’s less of a grapefruity note. I like Seaglass. It’s bright and clean and fresh in the glass. The Easter Bunny can’t go wrong with either of these in your basket. Oh, and a bottle of bubbly to wash down the eggs. 🐣