Wouldn’t it be nice to be somewhere else?

Somewhere on the other side of the world, perhaps, where it’s summer turning into fall instead of spring turning into summer.

How about Argentina?

What a beautiful country, bookmarked by the Andes and the Atlantic. If we can’t be there in body, we can be there in the glass – the wine glass, that is. Famous for the dry red wines they make from the grape Malbec at vineyards around the country, a very popular one is from Alamos Vineyard (Alamos Wines)┬áin the Mendoza region in west central Argentina.

The winery’s website describes its world-renowned wine as offering “layers of dark cherry and blackberry with a velvety mouthfeel.” It is consistently tasty and very affordable. One sniff and it’s high-altitude sunshine with hot days and cool nights.

check them out at almamoswinesus.com

Take me away.