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Lickin’ My Chops

By Published On: November 8th, 2023

How’s everyone’s Novempurr going so far? With the pawliday’s coming up, the fam-bam has been supurr busy ironing out details of who’s hosting what holiday. As you know, Mom and Dad aren’t exactly social butterflies, so they usually get off the hook with hosting, but that’s all about to change. It’s been six years since Mom and Dad hosted a pawliday at the ole homestead, so with guilt eating away at her, Mom reluctantly volunteered to host Turkey Day.

At furrst I was totally against this idea…fur many reasons. Furrst off, I don’t really like visitors at my house either, but as my Nana once said, “You can do something fur a little while that would appall you if you had to do it fur a lifetime.” Secondly, Mom is the furthest thing furrom a purrfessional cook, so I’m worried that our guests won’t have anything to eat. (Sorry Ma!) Thank you sweet baby turkey God’s that Amma is bringing the most important part of the meal; turkey. Phew, at least we’ll have something to feast on. I’m just not sure the signature side dishes will be as delicious as the bird. One thing is fur sure, Mom will keep Memere’s holiday traditions of burnt rolls. AKA, bottomless buns.  Purrhaps my biggest concern is not having my own setting at the dinner table. I live fur Turkey Day. I’m lickin’ my chops just thinking about it! Ellie was nice enough to suggest I sit with her and the cousins at the kids table. I just might take her up on that!

How are your pawliday plans shaping up?