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Local Cable Company Offering a Unique Niche

By Published On: August 19th, 2019


As multimedia businesses continue to innovate on all platforms in order to keep up with the fast paced environment of social media marketing and brand awareness, one local cable company is utilizing a unique alternative to its traditional media platform that is further expanding its identity as a business staple for both Columbia and Greene counties. Mid-Hudson Cable, a cable provider that has embedded itself in the Hudson Valley for more than four decades offering digital and HD television services, high-speed internet, and phone service has now added drone photography to its list of provisions. Adding the trendy form of event photography as well as HD video services should add a unique element to the landscape of what media companies offer. With the rise of streaming HD movies and television as well as the reliance on smartphones for almost every media capability imaginable, it’s up to the motivated imaginations of traditional cable and media providers to find new ways to reach customers. The addition of drone technology puts good use to tech that has yet to be touched by the smartphone and exists in a market outside streaming services.

Needless to say, there are many advantages to drone technology that have made its services so popular over the last few years. Obviously, given their lightweight design, drones are able to take high quality photos higher in the sky for more unique and eye catching perspectives. For the fervent social media consumer, most drones offer WIFI capabilities making it possible for the photographer to geotag locations and thus,  the photographs more social media accessible. Despite some concerns, drones are a relatively safe choice given their high-tech capabilities and maneuverability, drones remove the risk of human flight and most drones run on batteries leaving behind zero carbon footprint. Mid-Hudson Cable currently boasts drones with the capability of reaching objects in range of up to 400 feet high while offering both HD photography and video as well as professional editing services. While the future of traditional cable delivery may still be in question, when multimedia companies dip their toes into unique and interesting new platforms, the heart of long term business growth remains intact.

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