Millerton, NY-

Despite the financial vice currently gripping the nation’s small businesses due to ‘social distancing’ mandates initiated as result of the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, in Millerton, NY one local diner remains steadfast in its commitment to propel its community forward by offering free meals to families in need. Beginning on Thursday evening The Oakhurst Diner, located just off of Millerton’s Main Street, will be providing the community with a free dinner service for those in need from 4-5pm. The diner will continue to provide the service every other day of the week for the time being. “We love helping people and we see the Oakhurst as a vessel for serving others” say members of the Oakhurst team, “The owners, staff and everyone all share this in common and that’s why we have worked together for so long.” Members of the Oakhurst staff will ring in their 10th year together this coming May- almost certainly the most surreal anniversary they will ever celebrate.

From the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s fearful migration throughout the state of New York, the diner has managed to keep its doors open and persevere despite the inherent financial hardship with a barrage of community support and constant updates flooding social media. “The only thing to say is we are so grateful for the people who jumped in so quickly to help us get this going,” says the Oakhurst team, “If all goes well we will keep this service going for the long haul.” The diner is asking folks to call in their orders ahead on the days of the free dinner offering so they can pick up using the diner’s curbside delivery between 4-5pm. The Oakhurst will also be selling their patented T-shirts for $20 with 50% of the sales tax going directly toward feeding local families. If the diner does not get direct names of families in need, they will donate sales tax funds to local banks. “We are grateful for the continued support and loyalty we are receiving. You are helping us survive this world crisis, keeping us employed and able to help the community.”




For more updates including daily menu offerings and how you can help the Oakhurst’s cause, follow them on Instagram and Facebook @oakhurstdiner

Please call ahead to place orders at 518-592-1313.

by Griffin Cooper