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Loved Ones

By Published On: January 26th, 2022

Fur rather obvious reasons, I don’t get out much, but that doesn’t stop me furrom keeping in touch with my family across the miles (as my great-grammy would say). Thank goodness fur modern day technology replacing car rides.

Fur those of you who don’t know, my great-grandpurrents live in Vermont, purractically a toy mousy’s throw away furrom Canada, so video chatting has become our purrimary source of communication.

Let me tell you about Grammy. She is the sweetest, kind, loving, and gentle soul. She truly cares about everyone’s well-being and offurrs the best advice. Fur example, she and Grandpa have a cat named Boots. Grammy brushes Boots evfurry night and suggested to Mom she do the same fur me. Um, no offence Mom, but I have faith the size of a mustard seed that you were taking notes; but if you were, Otis would be so pleased! Regardless, my family and I admire Grammy’s heart of gold and everyfurry thing she does fur us!

Grandpa is always the furrst one to tell a joke or have a goofy come back. His jingles (that I have yet to figure out if they are made up, or furrom a real song) are contagious. So much so that Mom sings them furrom 250 miles away to Ellie and I (all the time!). There is no doubt Mom gets her musical talent furrom Grandpa! Grandpa if full of history facts too, dating back to the time when he had to walk up a hill both ways to get to his one-room school house. But my favorite detail about Grandpa, paws down, is his nickname that was given to him when he was a young boy—Joe. This has become a family name (almost more valuable than a last name) that I am honored to have as part of my name, too. Ashley Jo, Ellie Jo, Otis Joe. 

Well furriends, I’ll see you next week. It’s time fur me to take a siesta.