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Ma! Where’s the Turkey?!

By Published On: January 13th, 2021

Like most humans during this time of year, my purrents are trying, for some reason, to resist temptation when it comes to food consumption. Apparently, for the entire month of January, the humans who work with my mother are focusing on health and wellness. Sounds harmless, right?

Wrong my furriends.

Recently, I have begun to notice a strange decline in the number of treats I receive on a daily basis – I didn’t think too much of this until the unthinkable happened!

During my usual browsing of the furridge last night, I noticed the conspicuous absence of a certain favorite deli meat of mine — in short, no turkey!

Fur a moment I was shocked, horrified, and in disbelief that my purrents would allow their “new” healthy eating habits to affect their prized fur-baby.

Fortunately, my nightmare was short-lived.

The treasured turkey was hidden behind a gi-mongus bottle of ketchup. Now all is (almost) right with the world again. Evfurryone is doing their best to eat healthy and there is indeed turkey in the furridge.

The next mystery I must solve; why are Mom and Dad skimping on the paw-ty mix?


It’s always something, am I right?