It’s the 4th of July already. Summer is in full swing.

With pandemic restrictions lifted, it’s party time!

Enjoy getting together with family and friends again (minding safety protocols around or with un-vaccinated people). There’s no one wine that works for a holiday weekend, so I’m going with something different but fun: canned wine.

Yes, there is very good wine in cans now, and canned wine is convenient and easy like its canned cousins soda, seltzer, beer, etc.

Here are some great picks: For a white, try the Guenoc Sauvignon Blanc from California. For a red, the Underwood Pinot Noir from Oregon is alive with bright fruit. Round out the selection with Underwood’s The Bubbles sparkling wine.

The food choices are limitless. Try them, you’ll like them.

And Happy 4th of July.