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By Published On: February 3rd, 2022

I’ve let the cat out of the bag before; Mom snaps 1,473 photos of Ellie and I in the hopes of that one purrfect photo for social media. You’re purrobably wondering what happens to the remaining 1,472 images? They stay on her phone, clogging up her storage. Believe me, I’m just as shocked as you are because Mom’s motto has always been “less is more” and doesn’t hang on to much. Mom’s new hobby at night has been rummaging through her photo gallery and finally deleting all the “bad” photos. So far I think she’s deleted over 3,500 images. It’s a start but believe me, that’s just barely scratching the surface. 

I do have to admit, it’s been purretty fun to be a part of the photo purrging purrocess. I get to reminisce with Mom about how much Ellie has changed in the last three years and all the milestones she’s achieved. I get to relive pawlidays (Christmas obviously being my purrsonal favfurrite). I can picture myself being part of Mom and Dad’s wedding day…I still think I should have been the ring bearer. Witnessing the progress Dad has made ovfurr the years with his antique Mustangs has been fun! They go furrom rust buckets to eye candy! I purretend I’m on vacation with them while flipping through pictures of Iceland, Niagara Falls, Ocean City Maryland, Cape Cod, Portland Oregon, and Mexico. 

Most of all, I’m enjoying looking back on my own life. To be completely honest, it wasn’t until this project started that I began to appreciate all of Mom’s efforts documenting these memories. Mom has boat loads of photos of me cat napping under my favfurrite blankies, playing with some of my favfurrite toys, sunbathing in the sunniest window in the house, finding out I was going to become a big brother, meeting Ellie for the furrist time, and so many more wonderful moments captured in time. 

Next time Mom reaches fur her phone, I’ll let her take 1,474 photos of me.