For 5 years, we promoted our annual Red Tag sale the traditional way with weekly ads in local papers for the duration of the month long event. It chugged along and did OK. Two years ago, we decided to try something different. I contacted Thorunn and her team at Main Street Magazine/Thorunn Designs where we have been an advertiser since its inception in 2012.

Thorunn put her team on it and created a 360 degree social media campaign. This was all greek to me but the results were not. They reached a whole new group of customers. Traffic and sales doubled in the first year they handled the event. It increased again this past year. Best of all, the overall cost was significantly less than what had spent in the previous years for lesser results. If I were more tech savvy I could describe all the avenues they pursued but the brilliance was that I didn’t have to. They put the programs together and executed it seamlessly.

Bob Murphy
The Millerton Antiques Center