Thankfully it’s still consistently getting up into the 70s during the day this month (September), but it’s getting dark earlier and earlier, and it’s as low as the 40s in the morning. As the hibernation instinct kicks in, so does the desire to sink into a glass of really full-bodied dry red wine when the sun starts to set. One of our favorites is a Chilean wine, Montes Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon from Vina Montes. We had the great pleasure to visit Chile’s Colchagua Valley many years ago, which is where this one is from. We learned that it’s hard to find a Chilean red that isn’t deep and delightful, but this one is extra special. It’s 90% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Merlot, aged 12 months in French oak. The winery’s website describes it perfectly: “The complex nose offers outstanding aromas of ripe black fruits such as figs and blackberries complemented by notes of crème de cassis, while spices such as cayenne pepper appear over a back of dark chocolate, which masterfully envelopes subtle aromas of leather and tobacco.”

When you’re ready to snuggle up with a red wine that combines a radiant warmth in a cloak of dark berry deliciousness, choose this one. Available at most wine stores for around $25.