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Mother’s Day Purresent

By Published On: May 13th, 2020

I’ve always known I was adopted. It’s quite obvious just in our appurrance.

My pet-parents have two legs — I have four. They speak English — I speak Cat. They have skin — I have fur. They don’t take catnaps — I do. They want something sweet furr snack time — I prefurr paw-ty mix. They say knee-slapper — I say paw-slapper.

The list could go on…but I think you get the gist.

Often times, I find myself in deep thought about what my cat family is up to – especially my mother on the day we celebrate mom’s everywhere. But ya know, I wouldn’t trade my mom in furr the world!

…expect furr all those darn kisses!

She’s raised me into the feline I am today. She encouraged me to eat dry food when I was a kitten, trained me to use the litter box, taken me on strolls to explore the great outdoors, held me tight and told me it was all going to be alright at vet appointments, makes sure I am purrfectly comfortable furr my cat naps – with just the right amount of blankies of course, and always makes sure I have furresh turkey in the furridge.

She really does work hard so I can enjoy life, and I love her furr that!

I love my mom evfurry day, not just on Mother’s Day. And to purrove that I purresented her with a paw print necklace around my neck furr her to wear purroudly like the true cat mom — and crazy cat lady — that she is!