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My Balding Belly

By Published On: March 2nd, 2022

You’re purrobably wondering why I’m spread eagle. Quite frankly, so am I. I can purromise you I’m not going into purrnography, I’d much rather model my handsome pants!

Ya see, Mom noticed my fur disappearing furrom my belly a couple weeks ago and became instantly paranoid about my balding belly. In true Mom fashion, she has to document it with photographic proof.

Mom has reached out to some close furriends and Googled to her hearts content trying to self-diagnose me, but quickly became overwhelmed with her findings. It could be a large number of things but stress, hormonal imbalance, and worms were the top three. None of which Mom convinced my mother. Her next plan of action was to contact the dreaded Veterinarian.

The vet seems to think I’m over grooming myself and that something could be stressing me-owt. Doc advised Mom to order a pet diffuser to help calm me. Thank heavens fur Amazon Purrime. Without any hesitation, Mom placed her order and didn’t bat an eye at the $30 purrice tag. Time will tell if it does the trick. Paws crossed it works so Mom can take a chill pill and I can avoid a car ride!

In the mean time Dad is taking offense to Mom’s concern. And I quote, “it’s probably all age related! Look at me. I’m balding and you’re not calling the doctor or worried about me!”