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My Christmas List

By Published On: December 15th, 2021

Ellie has just about every single Disney princess toy on her Christmas list, but a princess Anna dress furrom Frozen and a watch are at the very top. I know this because I overhead her on the phone with the big guy himself!

Mom really wants a new pair of slippers, Ellie of course promptly reminded her to put them on her list to Santa Claus, and suggested that maybe she should ask fur a rainbow pair instead of the usual black. To my knowledge, Dad doesn’t have much of a Christmas list other than new work boots. I’m usually not much of a purrocrastinator, but I’ve been a bit late this year when it comes to my list to Santa Paws.

Of course, I’ll be asking fur some Paw-ty mix. Not sure how turkey would hold up in Santa’s sleigh as me makes his way around the world visiting all the good little boys and girls, so I better not ask fur that. I’ll just put it on Mom’s grocery shopping list instead. Oh, what I would really like is a new toy! I already have so many catnip toys. So I’m hoping Santa and his elves will be able to come up with something special fur me! But most of all, I just want peace on earth and fur all cats to have a nice warm, loving home.

I can’t believe there are only 37 more catnaps and 10 more night time sleeps until Santa Paws comes! I’m SO excited!

What do you have on your Christmas list?