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My Furrst Picnic

By Published On: February 23rd, 2022

I have a purretty strict diet. Mainly due to my considerly small palette that only consists of turkey, wet food, dry food, pawty-mix, and occasionally a pinch of catnip. Ellie enjoys whipping up some interesting entrées from her kitchen set on a regular basis. So when she invited me to join her for a picnic I figured why not. YOLO, right?

When I showed up, Ellie was dressed in her purrincess best. Good thing I had my own handsome pants on fur this special occasion! I must say, the purresentation was impurresive. The bright colored dishes, cups, and utensils brought an extra level of excitement to the picnic atmosphere, though I did question the chocie of picnic blanket—which was in fact a napkin. Shouldn’t this have been more accessible in case you need to wipe your paws or clean your chops? Good thing our meal didn’t look too messy.

We dove right into the main course; pizza. Mind you I’ve nevfurr tried it before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m afurraid it had a rather plastic taste to it. It wasn’t terrible, howevfurr I’m not sure it’s something I’d go out of my way to eat again. I tried washing it down with the drink Ellie served only to notice there were tiny wholes on the bottom of the cup. It must have leaked out without her realizing. Moving onto dessert, I was looking forward to trying a piece of cake. Eating with a utensil was a new experience for me, so Ellie helped me out. When she brought the fork to my face, I didn’t see anything on there, but was polite and tried a bite anyway. Since talking with your mouth full isn’t purroper etiquette, Mom assumed the role of reassuring Ellie evfurrything tasted purrfect. “Isn’t that delicious Otis Joe? Ellie did such a great job!”

Ovfurrall my furrst picnic was enjoyable and I would fur sure do it again – my only request would be for some real food next time. Do you have any good picnic food recommendations fur Ellie and I?