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By Published On: October 20th, 2021

I’m not sure if any of you dear readers know this, but my Mom LOVES to sing; almost as much as she loves me. She’s constantly singing and is actually really good at it. The only critique I have is how loud she likes her music; purrhaps that’s a story fur another day.

Occasionally, Mom makes up her own songs – she’s whipped up a couple fur Ellie and even Dad and they both know them and sing along when she breaks out in song. Mom even changes the words to well known songs – in fact, she’s re-written the very well known Brahms Lullaby just fur me!

It’s a purretty catchy song, and although I know it won’t sound as good as when Mom belts it out in her cat mom voice, allow me to sing it fur you! Befurr I begin, I would like to remind you that, very often, Mom speaks to me by pluralizing words fur no good.


Otis Joe, bambino

You’re the cutest little man that I knows

And I love yous with all my hearts

Do do do do do do do!

Scooby Be-Do, do do do

Otis Joe, bambino

You’re the cutest little man

And I love you so.

Isn’t that the move beautiful song you’ve evfurr heard? Because I think so! On occasion, because I just want to get fed some treats, I’ll pipe up and sing along too.

“You have such a beautiful singing voice, Otis Joe!” Dad barks back, “Too bad it isn’t as beautiful at 4am when you want breakfast!”. Meow, Dad!

Does anyone else have a song their mother sings to them purractically evfurryday? Do share!