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My New BFF

By Published On: July 28th, 2021

It’s no secret I love being brushed. In fact, next to catnapping, this is a favurrite activity of mine. Mom is usually in charge of making sure I really am the most handsome pants in the world. My brush time usually takes place after Ellie has gone to bed, ensuring that my grooming goes uninterrupted. It’s not evfurry night that I am pampurred, but when it happens Mom brushes me until my hearts content; or until I give her a little love bite, signaling I’ve had enough.

But as we all know, Ellie is a cat lady in training, so it was bound to happen that she would soon try her hand in purrfecting my fur, too.

Ya know, I was fine being an only child but Ellie really is a purretty cool little sister.

Purrhaps the sister I didn’t know I needed?

Lately, she’s been going the extra mile to make sure I’m comfurrtable. Chasing me around with blankies for me to go to sweep. But she really surpurrised me last night. Without help from Mom, Ellie found my brushes all on her own, and began to brush me. With the occasional reminder furrom Mom to be gentle, I was truly enjoying myself. Hence the RBF face (that’s short fur resting brush face).

Ellie, I think we just became best furriends!