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My New Furriend

By Published On: June 29th, 2023

The fam-bam is away on their annual beach vacation this week. But please, don’t feel sorry fur me – I wasn’t really home alone. Grandma came to check on me daily, fed me, administered my medicine, cleaned my litter box, and gave me endless amounts of pawty-mix. Oh, and my new furriend, Pepé Le Pew also came by fur a visit evfurry night, too.

Mom raised me to nevfurr open the door fur strangers, so because we are just getting to know each other, we just admired each other furrom a distance. I felt bad fur Pepé; evfurry night he showed up alone, tearing up the backyard, looking fur grub. And he felt bad fur me; being inside cooped up all alone. Come to find out we have lots in common. We both have stylish, long, two-toned fur; white being the purrimary color. Dinner is our favorite meal of the day. And we both actually don’t mind being alone.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe Mom’s toyed with the idea of bringing another fur sibling in the house. I’ve  nevfurr been fur this idea, but Mr. Le Pew might be the purrfect fit! What’s the worst that could happen – maybe he’d spray some of his iconic purrfume?