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My thoughts on the Two-Night Furrnale

By Published On: March 11th, 2020

Despite the time change and losing an entire hour of catnapping, I couldn’t resist what was claimed to be, (and I quote Chris Harrison) “The most dramatic rose ceremony in Bachelor history!”

I’ll admit; it was a nail biter two-night furrnale fur sure!

But purrhaps what was even more entertaining was watching Peter’s mom’s reaction to how things turned out. She was obviously team Hannah-Ann (as was I), but true love is never easy. I can relate to Madison on some level though, the dreamy look of love she gave Peter last night is the same expression I give to my catnip mousey toy every evening. Of course, if I were ever to bring a feline home who was as indecisive about me the way Madison seems to be about Peter, my mother would have my neck.

I wish Peter, Madison and his disgruntled parents the furry best on their perilous journey to find furrever love. As for me, I will continue to live life as the ultimate Bachelor in search of my long-lost hour of catnapping.