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New Year’s Resolutions

By Published On: January 8th, 2020

Now that the Pawlidays are behind us and I begin my second decade, (how many cat years in a decade?) sorry my conception of time is a bit off being a cat and everything. Anyway, I have resolved to make a few impurrovements this year that will keep me feline good. Apart from increasing the volume of turkey as well as the density of my cat-naps, it’s high-time I officially become furriends with my kid sister. Recently she has developed a habit of trying to communicate via short bursts of admittedly cute “meows” and “kittys” both of which indicate her love fur yours truly is becoming undeniable- can’t blame the kid there. So this year, I purromise to put my swatting paws away and give her a few more snuggles…maybe. I understand you humans take this opportunity to eat healthy and exercise (whatever that means), but the life of Otis is hard enough without physical activity. So this year, I’ll be putting my best paw furrward – it’s all about me, and my baby sister.