Annual Festival remains one of the most anticipated in the area. Beginning on Saturday, November 23, Noble Horizons in Salisbury, CT will open its doors once again to members of the surrounding community for a season-long holiday celebration that remains one of the most anticipated in our area. Each year the Auxiliary at Noble Horizons presents its Festival of Trees in honor of the upcoming holiday season, a two-week long event culminating in a Gala on Saturday, December 7. This year’s theme for the beloved festival will be The Twelve Days of Christmas and will feature individually crafted trees, wreaths, and holiday decorations based on the classic English Christmas carol. The Festival of Trees is a free event for families and individuals of the community to take the short, pastoral drive through the hills of Litchfield County to the town of Salisbury and the welcoming grounds at Noble Horizons to experience this one-of-a-kind seasonal wonder. Groups from all over the Tri-Corner area come to enjoy the mural of holiday decorations, the echo of classic carols, and even an appearance from Mrs.Claus, who spends time visiting area children reading traditional holiday stories. During the two-week festival, display exhibits will be made available to the public via a silent auction which runs for the duration of the event with final bidding taking place at the Gala celebration on the final day of the festival. In addition to the displays, visitors will be able to purchase tickets to the Gala, raffle tickets for children’s toys, and contribute to the Loving Tree, a service that provides special offerings to the residents at Noble Horizons like haircuts and manicures. At the concluding Gala party on December 7, guests in attendance will have the opportunity to bid on tickets to restaurants, movies, and other unique items in a live auction. Though the commercial aspect of the holiday season can, at times, feel a bit overwhelming to the senses, at Noble Horizons and for members of the auxiliary, the displays created and donated by the community help to remind us all how the heart of this special time of year is found in the spirit of giving and the joy of togetherness.

The Festival of Trees exhibit of opens on Saturday, November 23, at Noble Horizons located on 17 Cobble Road in Salisbury CT. and is a free event for everyone to enjoy, and ends on Saturday, December 7, with a Gala party, for which tickets will be sold. The exhibit runs for two weeks, open every day from noon to 4 pm, Thursday and Friday until 6 pm. All event proceeds sponsor daily expenditures as well as extraordinary purchases for Noble Horizon residents. Please call 860-435-9851 if you would like to be involved in this annual event.