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By Published On: October 5th, 2022

Holy cold, Batman! Did someone flick a switch or did Fall just all of a sudden get the memo? Regardless, it’s been purrety chilly here in the house and to help save on oil and electric costs my purrents aren’t in any hurry to warm things up fur any length of time. The mini-splits push out heat only when evfurryone is home – pardon me, only when the humans are home. Mom is having a conniption ovfurr the purrice of the electric bill. “How is it that we haven’t done anything diffurrent furrom a year ago and yet our bill has doubled!?” I don’t dare repeat the rest of her thoughts – I’ll let you use your imagination. Dad on the other paw is determined to hold off turning the radiant heat on fur as long as pawssible. I nevfurr realized ‘who could turn the heat on last’ was some sort of game.

To help compensate fur the lack of heat in the house, the down blankets are now on all the beds – not to mention the additional blankets added on top fur extra warmth. Mom has been drinking mint hot chocolate like its going out of style. Dad is on a hot tea kick – decaffeinated of course; he has me to keep him up at night. As fur Ellie – well she doesn’t want to take her pink cat bathrobe and purrincess slippurrs off. Oh and let’s not furrget Mom’s added efforts to make sure everyone remains comfurrtable. She thinks lighting a single wick candle evfurrynight is making a big diffurrence. Big whoop.

I guess as long has Mom and Dad don’t cut into my turkey fund, I’ll wrap myself in blankets…it’s all fur the cause.