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Oh, Christmas Tree!

By Published On: December 6th, 2023

Sorry if I seem a little distracted this week, furriends. I’m currently furreaking out because Santa Paws will be here before you know it and our poor Christmas tree seems to be on the fritz. This is less than ideal timing. You know the part of the Grinch where he stole Cindy Lou Who’s Christmas tree because there was light out?

Well, our tree has an entire section out.

I’m worried Santa Paws won’t come to leave purresents under a tree that’s only three quarters lit.

Granted our tree is at least twelve years old and this is to be expected. In fact, in years past, there have been sections of this beautiful nine foot tall tree out, but this is always discovfurred during the tree fluffing process. Now that it’s all decorated we only have four options.

One, try to weave a new string of lights between the ornaments and garland. Two, leave the section out and replace the tree next year with a new one. (Maybe we could get a purre-lit colored light tree?) Three, do nothing at all about it and purray to the turkey God’s that Santa Paws comes anyway. Four, cancel Christmas.

Someone please help. I’ve worked really hard on being a good man this year. I was really hoping Santy would bring me a new catnip kicker toy!