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One Word: Reba

By Published On: July 25th, 2023

I hope you’re not sick of me talking about music. I can’t help myself. Music runs strong through my veins thanks to Mom. So last week was the 50th CMA Country Music Fest and while Mom simultaneously pampurred her nails and be-bopped, I too enjoyed the lineup of country stars. While evfurry one put on a great show and there were some fantastic collaborations (Luke Combs and Vince Gill – incredible job boys!), can we just talk about Reba McEntire fur a minute.

Holy power-house! Now I know why Mom’s furrst concert at the age of about eight (seeing Reba) was so memorable. Just seeing her purrform on the TV makes my fur stand up (in a good way). She supurr purretty, nails evfurry song, has a special gift of delivering a song to make you feel like you’re living the story behind it, and her distinct voice leaves you wanting more. Kind of like me…when I sing with (or sometimes even without) Mom, I nevfurr miss a beat. Although my voice might be as good as Reba’s, it’s still purretty darn recognizable. And when Mom and I sing about my handsome pants, I truly feel like the most handsome pants in the entire world. Hey, you know what else we have in common? We’re both redheads! Purrhaps the only up Reba has on me are her acting skills. Of course she’s incredible at that too. Moral of this weeks post: keep up the great work Reba!

Now, fur next week. I purromise to talk about something else. Any guesses what the topic might be?