New year, new wines to try. How many of you have tried an orange wine? They’ve become increasingly popular, and chances are likely your favorite wine shop carries at least one. What’s an orange wine? It’s a designation that’s been made to wines that appear orange in color but that have no orange in them at all. What they are is skin-contact white wines. As you’ll discover when you cut open any grape, the inside is colorless. Red wines get their color (and flavor) from skin contact. White wines are typically pressed off the skins immediately. If they’re made the way red wines are, the result is wine that ranges in color from pale gold to even amber, but typically¬†a lovely orange hue. Skin contact also gives the wine more tannins and mouthfeel. They can be made from any kind of white wine grape. One that I’ve tried and like is Gulp Hablo from Spain. Not only is it a liter-sized bottle of beautiful wine, it’s from biodynamically grown Sauvignon Blanc and Verdejo grapes. Bright on the palate, the flavor notes that shine through are apricot, citrus, and a hint of tea. It’s only 11% ABV, too, and is a wonderful complement to any day/every day chicken, fish, or veggie dinners.