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Ottie is My Name. Don’t Wear It Out.

By Published On: October 14th, 2020

It’s no secret that my kid sister Ellie looks up to me (well, technically it goes both ways I suppose, but that’s besides the point!).

She’s a thoughtful kid and wants to include me in evfurrything she does, and I mean evfurry thing! Here’s a brief breakdown of her commands -er- I mean suggestions for me:

“Ottie colors.” – Technically, I just watch her color and bat around whatever crayon she gives me. She thinks it’s funny, so I must be doing something right.

“Ottie num num.” – Sorry kid, I’m not a fan of table scraps unless it’s turkey related.”

“Ottie baff.” – Don’t get me wrong, I like a good sponge bath. But I’ll pass on being submerged furrom the waste down.

“Ottie night night.” – Now here’s a hint I can take. Getting a little shut-eye is my favfurrite thing to do!

“Ottie sit down.” – …Okay, now your getting a little too demanding there sister.

“Ottie play.” – Sure, what do you want to play? Hide and seek? I’m purretty good at the hiding part. Ellie isn’t too bad at the seeking part. We make a good team.

 “Ottie brush teef.” – Furrgive me, but didn’t we just discuss this topic last week. My teeth are purrfectly fine just as the way they are. Don’t tickle my teeth please!

 “Ottie dance.” – Sorry Ellie, I can’t dance…but I do know how to prance around the furridge in the hope furr something to snack on. Nobody puts Ottie in the corner!

 “Ottie sing.” – I know the Meow Meow jingle!! Lets sing that song and give Baby Shark a rest.

And the latest:

“Ottie potty, too!” – Ellie, don’t you listen to what Mom and Dad say? I use the big boy litter box. Not the big girl potty.

Like I said, I enjoy her company almost as much as she clearly enjoys mine.

They grow up so fast don’t they?