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By Published On: January 12th, 2022

It seems as though you humans insist upon leaving the house in order to pampurr yourselves. For instance; getting your haircut, having your nails done, or a massage at the spa. If you ask me, that just sounds like too much trouble to me to have to leave the comfurrts of  home.

Not to rub it in, but luckily fur me, I don’t have to leave own home to enjoy these relaxing services. This allows me to always be available to get my ears cleaned (with baby safe Q-tips of course), a relaxing sponge bath with a freshly rung-out lukewarm washcloth, or my favorite – being brushed!

I have quite the collection of brushes ranging in size, shape, color, and bristle texture. Mom knows my favorite brush is the wire bristle brush. It helps tremendously with eliminating the amount of hairballs (in case you were wondering). Ellie has taken a great interest in catering to my comfurrt as well. So far she’s mastered the art of reminding Mom and Dad when I’m in need of more treats. The next step is learning how to gently brush me. In order to err on the side of caution as Ellie learns my pampering preferences, Mom has been kind enough to show her the ropes, noting to always focus on my chin. That’s the sweet spot! I really dislike my tail being touched, let alone being brushed! Mom has forewarned Ellie to keep her paws off my tail or I might snap at her. I also really like my head and behind my ears to be purrfectly groomed. And who doesn’t love a good back scratch?! But please Ellie, try to refrain furrom brushing my belly.

Please excuse me while I go catnap now that I’m feline relaxed.