After over 20 years in the community, Passports of Salisbury, CT, will be closing in early September. Passports was founded by the late Elaine LaRoche in the late 1990s as she was living overseas in Asia and had a passion for sourcing unique items during her travels. In a 2019 article in Main Street Magazine, Elaine noted that she would “scour the countryside and send back containers of Chinese country furniture and other vintage items,” which would end up in Passports and then in the homes of those in the community. The success and long-term tenure can be attributed not only to the unique offerings, but also to the excellent store management and curation by Christopher Baetz and others.

“Passports was one of my mother’s passions—she loved sharing the world with others. It has been almost 3 years since her passing and while Christopher has done an excellent job maintaining the store, we cannot source the same treasures she did. Ultimately, it is time to move forward.” Says her daughter, Eve LaRoche.

Eve will continue to own and maintain Lion Rock Farm—which hosts weddings and events bringing new people to the community and creating a multitude of opportunities for local vendors and businesses.

Stop by Passports this week and Labor Day weekend to say good-bye and to catch the last of their inventory and sales. They will be open through Saturday, September 10th.