Let’s face it, things are complicated enough these days.

When a wine presents itself to you as uncomplicated and reasonably priced, the choice is simple: Go for it.

That’s the case with Casa Santos Lima’s simply named Portuguese Red Blend. This pronouncement is made on a backdrop that’s colorful and appealing, at a price point that also wins you over: Under $15. It’s a screw-top, too – bonus! I learned a long time ago that you can’t go wrong with a Portuguese Red.

They’re luscious and warm and always just right. This one is no exception. Made from an undisclosed variety of grapes – winemaker’s discretion – and aged just four months in French and American oaks, this wine has a beautiful dark violet color, a nose that pops with ripe berries, and flavor notes ranging from bright cherry to blackberry with hints of licorice.

Simply said, it’s really, really good. Enjoy!