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POTIS Weighs in on Supurr Tuesday

By Published On: March 4th, 2020

I really don’t see what is so Supurr about this Tuesday in purrticular. As you can see from my latest photo, I’m more than a little strung out when it comes to this particular election season. Quite frankly, at this moment in time, the only delegates I care about winning over are those in charge of Fancy Feast and cold turkey slices. 

Speaking as your Purrmander and Chief, I propose a prolonged cat-nap at the conclusion of this seemingly endless cycle of debates that inevitably devolve into meerkat-fighting. Regardless of the letter associated with the human’s name, it’s all a little too much posturing for this housekitty to handle. Then again, Democatcy is what makes this country great, and knowing the issues is impurrtant to your ultimate voting decision. So if you can stand all the hissing, cat-calls and punching below the whiskers then by all means follow along. Afterwards though, join your POTIS on a nice comfy couch for a long nap and maybe an episode or two of The Bachelor.