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By Published On: February 19th, 2020

In celebration of the national holiday where you humans honor those sharply dressed individuals you call ‘President’, I took time out of my busy schedule to consider what I might do for my fellow feline citizens were I elected Purresident of this great nation. As POTIS,  I would lead this country into a new era of feline friendliness based on several key platforms:

  • Increased vacation time for cats in need of napping
  • A law requiring vets to make house calls – no more nightmare rides in the car.
  • A federal ban on cat leashes – cause who walks a cat?
  • Reduced sales taxes on all turkey products
  • Filtered water from the fridge would be required for all indoor kitties
  • A national program for all homeless cats- every feline should have a furever home

As your Purresident, I would dedicate myself to reaching across the aisle, that’s right, my cabinet would have a few K-9s much to the chagrin of my fellow constituents. My administration would be for all pets, indoor and outdoor, in the continued pursuit of liberty and justice for every furry friend.

*this blog paid for by friends of  the POTIS for 2020 campaign-namely his cat parents Ashley and Fridrik.