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By Published On: August 18th, 2021

Do I look diffurrent to you? Because I should. I’m 12 now!

I had a purretty low-key purrthday. I was even home alone while Dad and Ellie had a Daddy daughter day and Mom went out shopping fur the purrfect present for me. I’m shocked I didn’t receive something furrom Amazon. I was really hoping fur a new box to sit in.

Instead Mom returned home furrom shopping with a heaping reusable bag full of wet food. Looks like I’m set fur my 4am breakfast fur the next few weeks. Also in the bag of wet food, was a green, catnip scented, crinkle kicker.

Seriously Mom? That’s my purrthday purrestent?

I’m 12, I’m kind of over playing with toys. Ellie enjoyed it more then I did – good thing I don’t mind sharing. But when Ellie finished carrying it around like it was her new purrised possession, she gave it back to me. Luckily, Mom also splurged on a very special wet food in place of my purrthday cake. Friskies Lil’ Gravies in the roasted chicken flavfurr was to die for. It was absolutely DELICIOUS! I’m really hoping there are more special occasions coming up, because I could really go fur another one! I couldn’t stop licking my chops…purrhaps that’s due to my dental issues.

Speaking of which, as for right meow, my trip to the vets fur my dental cleaning is still scheduled fur Monday. I ovfurr heard Mom and Dad talking and I guess Dad is dropping me off. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Daddy, but when you’re scared you just want your Mom, right? Even when you’re a pre-teen. I really hope she’s the one who picks me up.