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Prime Painting Season

By Published On: June 30th, 2021

Fur as long as I can remempurr, Mom has been asking Dad to paint the house. She has apparently grown tired of the dark brown weathered siding and would like to see something furresh and inviting. Dad started by fixing the furront steps last summer. They look great, but I have to side with Mom on this one. They do stick out like a sore thumb. Four years after we moved in, my Mother has finally gotten her wish— and then some. Dad added a nice wrap around step to the back deck, and agreed on a color that he likes the least. Blue. To be fair, it’s a really purrty navy blue with an almost black trim color. 

Purrime Painting—*ahem* Purrdon me—Prime Painting has been working purretty quickly to make Mom’s dream a reality and I know she really appurreciates it. And when weather purrmits, Dad has taken his hand at swinging the paintbrush after dinner. There is just one little purroblem fur me – being the indoor kitty that I am, I can’t see this amazing transfurrmation take place.

I can only smell the evidence. Hopefully, once they reach the furront deck I can also enjoy the house’s face lift. Until then, I’m patiently purrched. 

I just have one request while these changes are taking place.

Please don’t remove the birdhouse. I like keeping a close eye on my feathered furriends.