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By Published On: June 7th, 2023

Psspsspss, may I have your attention please! In case you haven’t noticed already, due to wildfurrs in Canada, the outside air quality here in our Tristate area has reached dangerous levels. With that said, it’s recommended you and your pets limit your time outside, so now is the purrfect time to hunker down and purractice being an indoor kitty until the air clears. Take it furrom me, a purrofessional indoor kitty, here are some key steps you’ll want to abide by to master such a skill:

Step one: Make sure you have multiple catnapping places. Depending on your cattitude, this will play a significant role in curling up fur a catnap.
Step two: Cry very loudly when it’s dinner time – act as if you’ve nevfurr been fed a day in your life. This makes others feel bad fur you and expedites the purrocess of getting dinner in your dish.
Step three: Beg fur a snack even though you just ate dinner. Once they are placed in furront of you, do a quick sniff check then walk away.
Step four: Follow evfurryone to the bathroom. You don’t want to run the risk of your loved ones feeling alone or falling in…not that you’d do anything to help them anyway.
Step five:. Knock things on the floor fur no reason then sit there and look cute.
Step six. When you use the litter box, make sure you get as much litter on floor fur absolutely no reason.
Step seven. Repeat steps one through six again.

Good luck to you all – it’s not as easy as it looks to be an indoor kitty. Once you’ve mastered all these skills you’ll nevfurr want to go outside again. You can thank me later.