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Purretty Packed Schedule

By Published On: May 1st, 2023

Furrst off, how are you all? We haven’t spoken since last month – paw slapper! Boy they aren’t kitten when they say April showers bring May flowers. We have dandelions galore here at the homestead and the grass is ready fur its second mowing. There’s just something about the way furreshly cut grass satisfies the sniffer.

The second order of business I’d like to discuss is the in depth confurrsation I ovfurr heard Mom and Dad have the other night. They were reviewing all the upcoming important dates happening now through the beginning of Septempurr and how they’re going to schedule vacations around them. Furrom what I gathered between upcoming dental cleanings, physicals, work deadlines, and the end of the school year, two vacations and one day trip is the goal. Now before you get your tails in a wad, I’ve decided to stay home and have my own little stay-cations.

As much as I love sunbathing in the windowsill, I don’t think the beach will be the best place fur me. Just the thought of getting sand stuck between my toe beans and tangled in my fur makes me cringe. Going to the aquarium and possibly the zoo also doesn’t seem like my cup of tea either. I once saw a dog at the vet’s office and that was terrifying enough! Besides, if I really want to see and learn about other animals I’ll have sole access to the remote to watch Animal Planet and National Geographic. Netflix and Pawty-mix night anyone? Lastly, you know my thoughts on car rides…and I don’t feel any diffurrently about plane rides. Feel free to send me a postcard instead. Purrhaps the biggest pro of opting fur a stay-cation is having my grandpurrents spoil me. I won’t say no to extra turkey and treats!

How’s your summer shaping up? Any big plans yet?