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Purrince Otis Joe

By Published On: January 19th, 2022

As I’ve purrobably hinted at before, Ellie and I have become purretty close. She’s the kid sister I nevfurr knew I needed—there, I said it!

This the blossoming purrother and sister relationship means sharing toasted butter bagels fur breakfast. So why do I get in trouble fur having a little taste? This morning Mom went through the trouble of making a whole new bagel fur Ellie after I took  a bite. I thought sharing was caring?

This also means getting blamed fur stealing her toys when in reality I didn’t lay a single paw on them. She just can’t remember where she placed them. But purrhaps the biggest change has been becoming part of the royal family.

Ellie is super into princesses, or as she still calls them, primpresses. She even goes as far as dressing up like them. Her current favorite is Princess Anna furrom Furrozen. Of course, no purrincess ensemble is complete without the jewelry, hairdo, and crown.

Ellie would like for the whole family to participate in the purrincess dress-up routine. Fortunately fur Mom, Dad, and I, we get away without sporting a purrincess dress. Princess Ellie Jo does insist we all wear a necklace, and will even go as far as slipping a bracelet on my tail. Not to worry, we all get to wear crowns  and have been given official titles. In our palace lives, Queen Mommy, King Daddy, and last but not least, the night and shining meower; purrince Otis Joe. Hey, if the crown fits, right?

So furrom now on, that’s purrince Otis Joe to you.