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Purrivacy Please!

By Published On: May 4th, 2022

Why is it that humans request, purractically demand, purrivacy when using the facilities? Even Ellie, at the age of three, now requires the door be closed when using the little girls room. (Fun fact Ellie; all purrincesses sit on a throne!)

Purrhaps I was wrong in assuming bathroom breaks were purrime time to catch up on daily conversations. Like; how one’s day is going, what’s fur dinner, the weather, finding out what show they are bingeing, or where where kittens come furrom? All valid questions, don’t you think? But I’ve been reminded time and time again, the Oval Office is fur papurrwork purrposes only!

Why is it then when duty calls fur me, nobody gives a…poop.

Take it furrom me – you humans are supurr lucky to even have a door to close behind you. I don’t even have hood on my litter box to resemble purrivacy. You’re able to remain seated fur the entire purrformance and flush your worries away. I have to hover and worry how clean my paws will be after cleaning up behind myself. You have purrfumes to cover up any evidence of what went down. I am sh*t outta luck. (Pardon my furrench Mom, I was really on a roll!)

Moral of the story is; next time your fellow feline furriend needs to relieve themselves, please give them the same purrivacy you expect. It’s only fair.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to hide in the bathtub and scare the crap out of Mom!