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Purrthday Wishes

By Published On: August 10th, 2022

There are so many August purrthdays in the family, but today I am meowing furrom the rooftops…correction, furrom Dad’s nightstand, a very happy fourth purrthday to my kid sister, Ellie!

This past weekend Mom and Dad threw a little purrthday pawty fur Ellie. Purrincess themed of course. And what purricess pawty would be complete without cupcakes topped with pink spurrinkles? Aside furrom the balloons, which I found to be supurr scary, Ellie had a great pawty. Once I made my way through all the wrapping paper and gift bags, I was able to take inventory on Ellie’s purresents. She got markers, a jewelry bead making kit, doctor toys, a purriencess blanket (which is suppur comfurrtable fur cat napping!), Barbies, Kinetic Sand, a big girl swing fur the furront porch, and my purrsonal favfurrite – lots of Polly Pocket toys. All the supurr small pieces are purrfect fur batting around with my pitty-paws. Although, I do need to be mindful they run the risk of getting stuck between my toe-beans.

Ellie also really likes playing with Polly Pockets, too. Howevfurr, she’s really into the new doctor kit. It has so many accessories! It even came with a doctor smock, making her a dead ringer fur an actual doctor. She’s even able to hear a heartbeat in your knee – now that’s impurressive!

Not to take the limelight off Ellie, but my purrthday is on Monday. I’ll officially be a teenager! I plan on spending the day basking in the windowsill sun, eating endless amounts of turkey, and sleeping the day away.

Once again, happy purrthday to Ellie and all my fellow Leo furriends!